All you need to know about the Tor Browser before accessing the Deep Web

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Accessing deep web requires the use of specific software such as TOR. The Onion Router (TOR) is used for increasing your own privacy which most people are concerned about. TOR is a word which is synonymous to the deep web and has been always in the news in different tech circles to provide secured access to the deep web. Chances are that may have already heard about TOR in different deep web stories but no one is completely aware of the secrets about TOR and what are the things that one can do using TOR. Let us drill down all the information about TOR browser before accessing the deep web.

What TOR is good for?

If you want to be anonymous while accessing dark web and stay hidden from any tracking or tracing system then TOR can be used to keep your anonymity in traffic. Actually, TOR bounces the network traffic from your system over the network and makes it nearly impossible to track the source of the information. It provides liberty to the deep web user from getting tracked and easiest way to anonymize the traffic.

On a general level, TOR is used to keep internet activities out of hands of advertisers, web sites and ISPs. This includes people getting around censorship restrictions in specific areas. There are clearly pros and cons of using TOR and it is useful to keep your IP address and location hidden when you want to hide your information to any specific organization while it also gives liberty to deep web hackers to go through the network without getting tracked.

The Scoop on TOR

The onion router is free open source software which was started as a volunteer project many years ago. This is one of the most important facts about TOR. The system has been around for a long time and this piece of software can run on most of the OS machines. TOR project was launched specifically for secret services.

The Onion Router has been an open-source project since 2004 and was developed by US Navy. The major reason behind owing to which the browser was developed was that it was facilitated government to perform different form of secretive operations. There are many things out there that not many people know about deep web and its secrets. Not many people are aware about deep web and that’s another part of the internet which is not connected to the regular internet. If you want to know more about Deep web then you need to install and access through TOR browser.

Difference between TOR Network and Browser

TOR refers to two things one is the TOR network and other is TOR browser application. If you are a deep web user then you need to know the difference between these two. One is the TOR network which is a combination of large number of volunteer computer running a specialized application. The other is the browser which is used to hide the trace of a user while accessing the internet.

TOR is used for more than just criminal websites

TOR has been under fame because of use of online black markets such as Alpha Bay and Silk Road. TOR is one of the most popular browsers used to access deep web. It can also be used to browser web anonymously. However, lately the TOR browser has been under security setbacks and many recent security attacks were reported.

TOR and its privacy concerns

Due to this security lapse, many law enforcement agencies and judicial agencies around the globe have claimed against the use of TOR browser. The US department of defence has also informed about use of TOR for compromising national security and many hacking cases have been registered as well.

More than 2 million people use TOR daily

According to different online news and information, more than 2 million people or entities are using TOR on regular basis. People ranging from business agencies, law enforcement, military, and activists to journalists, TOR is used to establish secure communication.

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TOR and its illegal usage

There are a lot of organizations that have raised concerns about deep web and many controversies associated with the use of TOR for illegal black marketing. Companies are also working towards reviewing, tracking, controlling activities on deep web and even the government officials try to check the illegal stuff released on deep web and try to control the spread of this network. However, all this is quite difficult because most of the people use TOR to access deep web and it provides a lot of opportunities to configure your network and work anonymously.

The Verdict

TOR network runs a lot of vital legitimate services including secure drop portals for leak organization such as WikiLeaks and also used for secure email services as ProtonMail. If you cannot find the comprehensive list of services then you can check the TOR project.

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